The ​possibities are endless...

Need to hear from a deceased loved one or pet?

Having experiences that you can't explain?

Want to learn more about your life purpose and career?

Have questions about your love life or other relationships?

Jayme can help answer these questions and more, receiving
guidance from spirit, and your own angels and guides.

I have started a blog talking about spirit, angels and other metaphsycical topics.  I want to answer any questions that people may have about their own psychic abilities and experiences with spirit.  Working with spirit and angels has sent me on my own spiritual journey, and I would like to help you on yours.​​
I teach classes and do readings at psychic fairs in the Texas DFW area.

I enjoy meeting new people and talking about spirit.  Come to a class and learn how to work with your own intuition, or how to communicate with spirit.
I am a medium who can communicate with your deceased loved ones. When you connect with loved ones it can bring peace and happiness knowing that they are doing well on the other side.
I also do psychic readings using angel cards.  It helps to know that you are on the right path, and that everything is going to be okay.
Jayme O'Donnell
​Psychic Medium
I am a Psychic Medium who enjoys using my intuitive abilities to provide guidance and healing to people.  By connecting with  their loved ones who have passed, and their own angels and guides, I bring messages of comfort and peace to help them through life's challenges.  I can help clients find clarity and insight into what is going on in their lives and provide evidence of life after death.

I believe we are all spiritual beings born with natural psychic abilities; we can all develop the senses we naturally have.  In fact, when I came out of the spiritual closet as they say, I learned that my great-grandmother, my grandmother, her sisters, and other aunts and cousins, are also very intuitive.  So my goal is to help other people become comfortable with their intuition, developing it, and empowering themselves to follow their own spiritual path.  I consider using my abilities a spiritual journey, with something new to learn everyday.

By giving clients readings or teaching others how to strenghen their own intuition, I want to help people to live in a more conscious way, aiding them to achieve a deeper understanding of their own innate wisdom.  Helping others find peace, joy, and love is a great gift to pass on.
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