Psychic Medium

Jayme first started communicating with angels when she was a child.  As this was considered "odd", she learned to tune out her feelings and visions.  Jayme was always curious about psychic and other metaphysical topics, reading and learning as much as she could.  When she was in her late thirties, the feelings and visions came back with an irresistible strength.  She needed help to control and accept the messages she was receiving, and long story short, she took some classes and joined a development circle.  The leader of the circle was also a medium, and Jayme found that she had an affinity for connecting people to their deceased loved ones.

It has been a spiritual journey and continues to  this day.  She became a Reiki Master and started learning more about the energy that surrounds all living things. She continues to develop and grow by training at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences (located in the UK), as well as other courses around the US.

Jayme believes that we are all born with psychic abilities and that we can discover and strengthen our own natural intuition.  She would like to help people to develop their own abilities so they can live without so much fear, worry, and anxiety.

Learning to strengthen our own abilities can bring peace and joy and often brings clarity and meaning to our own lives.  Living in a more conscience way is liberating and Jayme would like everyone to be able to experience the best possible life.

"My reading with Jayme was nothing short of amazing.  Jayme is a professional, but at the same time caring,  compassionate and sensitive.  I had a particular person in spirit I wanted to hear from and Jayme was able to connect right away with that spirit.  She was right on with what she conveyed to me and I was amazed at the accuracy of the information.  To my surprise, two more of my loved ones came through with loving messages of their own.  It was a wonderful, magical experience.  I can tell you that Jayme is the real deal."                                                      CJ  --  Fort Worth, TX