What is the difference between a psyhic and a medium?
A psychic is someone who can "read" a person's energy and get information about the person's life, past, present and potential future.  A medium connects with deceased love ones, and relays information about their lives , the sitter's life (the person getting the reading), and any messages that the deceased loved ones may have.

All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

How should I prepare for a reading?
Go to a reading with an open mind.  Leave all expectations, and specific ideas or answers at the door.  This can inhibit the flow of energy and the quality of the messages that you are receiving.  Let the psychic medium relay the messages as they come.  Please answer with a yes, no, or I don't know, if the psychic medium asks for clarification.  Do not give too much information to the reader and the information from spirit will flow easily.

What can I expect from a psychic reading with you?
I usually ask what questions that you have for me to answer. Then I use different oracle/angel card decks that I am guided to use.  While I am shuffling the cards, I usually start receiving information.  This information comes from your own energy and your own angels and spirit guides (your spirit team).  The reading is always done in the energy of that moment and nothing is written in stone, as we all have the power of free will.

What can I expect with a mediumship reading with you?
Most people come to a reading with someone in mind that they want to communicate with.  That's great!  Tell that loved one you are having a reading and ask them to come.  Yes, your loved ones hear you talk to them.  Only their physical body is gone.  Give me yes, no, or I don't know answers, so you know that the information is coming from spirit.  I will give evidence and validations of your loved one. Spirit usually will have a loving message to give you that will pertain to you and your life.

Is a phone reading just as effective as an in person reading?
Absolutely.  It is all about the energy that surrounds you or your deceased loved one.  When I read someone in person, I usually don't look at them while I am reading.   I want to make sure that I am not reading facial expressions or body language.  I want all the information coming from your energy and /or spirit.  When I am looking at something else (like a blank wall), I am using that as a blank canvas to be able to see, hear, feel and know the guidance that is coming through.  Many people actually prefer phone readings.

Why charge for a reading?
Yes, I am a spiritual person and a lightworker.  I am blessed with psychic and mediumship abilities and love to share them with others. Some people feel that because these gifts come from God, they should be shared for free.  My time, experience, preparation for each reading, and managing my energy before and after readings is valuable.  Giving readings can be a little emotionally exhasting and energy draining. In addition, I continually work to improve my abilities through attending workshops, reading books, along with researching new material and attending college courses on mediumship, psychic ability, and spiritality.

Please feel free to contact me (on the contact page) with any general questions about psychic abilities, mediumship, or metaphysical topics.  
Thank you!


"I recently had a reading with Jayme.  She was easy to talk to and had a very kind demeanor.  The information she gave was extremely accurate and she addressed my questions giving me insight and helpful information regarding my situation all in a way that I could understand.  I appreciated that she didn't waste time or dawdle but stuck to the questions I wanted answered.  I left my reading feeling that I had gotten the clarity that I was seeking and  I am very grateful for Jayme's ability to help others through her psychic and medium gifts."                                                                Karen Hennig  --  Texas