​Psychic and Medium

Jayme is a psychic medium who enjoys using her natural abilities to help others on their life journey.  She understands the sensitive and personal issues people need help with and she handles each client with genuine care.  She empowers her client with the guidance she receives from their own angels and spirit guides.  She is also able to bring comfort to those who have lost someone  by communicating with loved ones on the other side.

To book an appointment with Jayme please use the Book Now below.   It will take you to the scheduling page.  Please choose the length of the reading that you would like, then choose your day and time on the calendar that will pop up.  Make sure to put the phone number that you want me to use when I call you for your reading.

Thank you and many blessings.

Psychic/Angel Card Reading
(via phone)

In these readings, Jayme will start by using a variety of different  Angel Cards.  As she is looking at the cards
she will use her abilities to connect to your own angels and guides, expanding on what the cards say and mean.
This will give you guidance and clarity to the situation in question.

Mediumship Readings
(via phone)

In a mediumship reading, Jayme will connect to your loved ones who have crossed over.  She will provide
information by using her abilities to deliver healing and evidential messages for your highest good.

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